Google Tracking UPS Deliveries???

I keep getting coldcalled by 0845 459 3215 (and I’m not alone, apparently). Because I’m a prick in these matters, I just hang up on them, but their persistence is getting annoying, so I thought I’d look up who they are.

Google gave me the answer (see above) but also fired in this little titbit.
UPS tracking code
The UPS tracking bit on top of the regular SERPs goes through to the UPS website and prefills the order tracking form (whatever package this was has expired or is invalid or something, before you check!)

I can only imagine that this is the format of UPS tracking codes as well as the standard format for UK phone lines, but it seems a bit presumptuous for Google to take a guess that I’d use Google to search for a tracking code instead of going to the UPS website.

Is this something that UPS themselves are promoting, I wonder?

The workings of the postal system are pretty vague to me but I also wonder what – if any – privacy concerns this raises. If I’ve order a bride-in-a-box from an ex-Soviet Republic, the last thing I want is the world to start getting access to details of my order. And I certainly don’t want UPS sharing that kind of information with Google in the first place.

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