New Look Google Account Page: More Trouble for Facebook

So Google are really ringing the changes. The new Google look and feel has arrived on the Google profile/account page. At first blush, it’s all about the shiny new corporate look, but there are a few telling additions.

Data Liberation

Google are allowing you a means to export all your stuff out of your Google account into  portable zip files. What use a ported Google Stream file is at this point is anyone’s guess – but I have an idea: more of which later.

3rd Party Integration

You’ve long been able to connect your Google profile to 3rd party accounts. It has never done anything more than put a link on your profile – and the number of accounts you can connect to is slightly limited (my erstwhile colleague Slater noted some quirks around this a while back). Nontheless, it’s got a bit of shine on it now – and Facebook is now the top choice. Again, I think there’s a reason to this.

So far so dull… but

Minor changes. But these are signs that Google are taking their bid to kill Facebook very seriously indeed. A couple of weeks back, I mentioned how Microsoft created a strategy to take down Lotus Notes way back in the Stone Age. Perhaps the most cunning part was to make it possible to import and export things into MS products from Lotus products. This lessened the fears that people had about moving platforms: that they would lose, or have to redo, a tonne of work they’d already done.

You can now export data from Google+ and Facebook. So how long before you can import? I’m prepared to bet not long at all. Critically, I’d put money on Google moving first and announcing that you can import your Facebook data – whereas Facebook will resist. Both for obvious reasons.

From a PR perspective, that will put Facebook on the back foot and they’ll have yield and give you the option to import Google+ data. While that will mean nish all to most people, it will have the critical effect of making the change seem a lot less scary than it does know – the subtext being: “You can just hop between the two accounts as easily as you like. Nothing to worry about.”

That’s a BIG barrier to adoption of Google+ taken care of right there. I was dismissive of Google+ a couple of weeks ago, and I still think that Facebook is still holding the power here, but Google is playing siege warfare here. Facebook are camped out in their hilltop fortress right now, but how they take the fight back to their besiegers is suddenly a little less clear than it was.


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