Awesome Extended Google Result

I’ve spent a lot of time on these pages criticising Google. I figure that’s fair enough, but you have to give them credit for some of the really fantastic stuff they do – often without comment.

I recently watched the excellent Horror Europa series on BBC3 (which you might be able to catch on iPlayer if you’re quick about it). In it, Mark Gatiss described a fabulous French horror concept about a plastic surgeon who murdered his patients and removed their faces  to attempt to transplant them onto his own disfigured daughter. The film was made in the 50s, but try as I might I couldn’t remember what it was called.

Hopelessly, I went to Google to search for ‘french horror films’. This was the result:


I get some cool visual references – clearly designed with finger swiping in mind – along with all the information I need. Best yet, a couple of results in and here’s the very thing I was after: Eyes Without a Face:

Instantly I see all the information I need – some images to remind me how cool it looked, the name of the film, when it was made, who made it and a bunch of other stuff.

It’s a salutory reminder that where Google arguably has shortcomings in the shopping and social spheres, they are still peerless when it comes to meta searches of this kind.

This is my favourite Google innovation of the last year.

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