Spam Commenting in 2012

Even the most obscure and indigent of bloggers will find themselves deleting ‘comments’ from the commentors with names such as  “ugg boots cheap ugg boots ugg boots wakefield”, “Commitex Wireless-Unlimited 4G,Talk,Text,Data,Mo – Home”, “cataract eye drops” and many more.

Generally, these comments are automated tosh anyway – just a poorly-spun, mangled slew of English with some keywords in that is just enough to defeat a few unhappy souls (like these) and that Akismet will just bin without a thought.

That’s quite stupid, but often the programs behind them will have been running for years and may well run for all eternity. More stupid still though – and the subject of today’s quick post – are those who seemingly take the time to actually write a real, relevant comment and then give their ‘name’ as a keyword link. Things such as this:


That’s actually a quite relevant response (even though it’s just been lifted and slightly rewritten from this source). I’m dropping it in the bin because no-one is called ‘silver price’. Moreoever, in 2012, no-one is going to rank for ‘silver price’ by leaving comments on blogs anyway:

  1. The links are most likely no-followed
  2. Google can identify comment links and could ignore them if they choose to (and, indeed, probably are)
  3. Anchor text links look suspicious as hell – who has ever unwittingly, in the real, non-SEO world, linked to a site using anchor text?
  4. Anchor text ‘names’ more often than not end up caught in a spam filter as per this example.
  5. The comment is scraped from somewhere anyway, so even if it gets through, it’s a black mark against the site that you’re trying to get a link from: i.e., being ‘successful’ at this stuff is a pyrrhic victory at best because you are putting chunks of duplicate content on that page.

It is 2012. Get over this stuff!

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