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Views expressed in this blog are strictly my own and do not represent those of any businesses I’ve worked for or with, hence the occasional swearword, for which I apologise.

Hi – I’m Paul Carpenter. I am currently employed at used car portal Trusted Dealers as Search and Operations manager. Professionally speaking, this means that I oversee development and design of the site and manage our activities in the fields of both organic and paid search (whilst giving full credit to the agencies and partners who help us achieve our goals).

My background is a chequered mix of online disciplines. Prior to coming to Trusted Dealers, I worked as a pure-play SEO specialist at Bronco, with industry legend Dave Naylor. Before that I enjoyed spells as an online marketing generalist at 9xb, web designer and developer at the same company, a spell as a User Interface Designer at a retail software house and several years as a technical author.

Digitally speaking, you might say that I’ve been around.

Away from work, I am a singer, songwriter and frontman for the wildly unsuccessful band Superset. I also run a hobby website dedicated to mysteries and oddities in Britain called Weird Island.


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